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How much cash casual gender are students really having? The latest student sex study proposes not whenever well-known society would have you imagine.

The private study more than 5,800 UK university pupils, completed by
in-may 2015, quizzed all of them on from amount of intimate lovers, to favourite opportunities, and perceptions towards intercourse education at school.

Practically a third (30percent) have obtained singular intimate spouse at university, and most one half (55per cent) have experienced three sexual lovers or fewer. Just 3percent state they have acquired significantly more than 25 intimate partners at university.

Rich Cooper, behaving publisher of Hexjam, says: “the concept that college students are far more monogamous than we believe truly hammers home the idea we should never pigeonhole pupils to certain stereotypes.”

Pupil respondants in addition asserted that they are worried about their performance in bed and unhappy making use of the gender knowledge they was given in school – though a lot of mentioned they certainly were nevertheless happy with their own sexual life.

This is what they stated:

Lost virginity

Less than one out of 10 (9%) said they were virgins, as well as anyone who has got gender, 25% missing their virginity even though they were at university. When asked how many times they will have gender an average of, 35per cent stated they’ve got it once or twice weekly and 31% said they currently aren’t having any. Just 6% advertised to take action every single day on the few days.

One-night really stands

The study unearthed that 40per cent of students have never had a one-night stand. Almost 1 / 2 of participants (48per cent) can be found in a relationship, and 54percent of the interactions have actually survived more than a year.

Intimate concerns

The most common intimate worry for college pupils is private performance during intercourse, coming above unintentional pregnancy and getting an intimately transmitted illness.

Numerous students are involved about how exactly they look, mentioning “body image”, “body insecurities” and “looking excess fat” as concerns. Others fear awkward themselves by inadvertently farting: “it’s but to happen, nevertheless concern is real,” composed one pupil.

Participants be concerned about becoming overheard through the act. After one specifically enthusiastic period whereby she “could not consist of [her] moans and shouts,” one student said she was mortified to obtain more than 10 people downstairs had overheard everything. “I kinda ruined their particular Netflix evening,” she mentioned. “[I’ve] never ever thought very embarrassed inside my existence!”

Intercourse knowledge

Over half (64percent) of participants stated they hoped which they had had better gender knowledge in school, an increase of 16per cent since 2011.

Embarrassing sex tales

College students provided stories of intimate activities that moved wrong. One confessed: “I found myself once so inebriated I threw upon a man during sex”, another stated: “I happened to be so inebriated I experienced to end half-way through” and a 3rd admitted they’d dropped from the sleep during sex a lot more instances than they liked to take into account.

Favourite opportunities

“Doggy” knocks “her on the top” – this past year’s favourite – off the leading spot as the most common place in 2010, with 29percent opting for it. “Her on top” will come in 2nd spot (26per cent) and missionary in 3rd (24%).

This year’s the majority of intimately active universities:

  • Leeds Metropolitan University (8.45 intimate partners each)
  • Southampton Solent University (8.18 sexual lovers each)
  • The London class of Economics and Political research (LSE) (8 intimate associates each)

In 2010’s least sexually active colleges:

  • Edge Hill University (2.06 sexual partners each)
  • The college of Sunderland (2.67 sexual partners each)
  • Anglia Ruskin college (2.72 intimate lovers each)

Students obtaining the most gender by subject matter:

  • Leisure, hospitality, tourism and retail (7.72 intimate partners each)
  • Production technology (6.82 sexual partners each)
  • Advertising (6.81 sexual lovers each)

Pupils having the least sex by subject matter:

  • Chemical manufacturing (2.95 intimate lovers each)
  • Electric engineering (3.89 sexual lovers each)
  • Performing arts and music (3.93 intimate associates each)

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